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We blog posts (mostly pictures) on atheism/religion along with feminism, LGBT rights atheism, philosophy and related to social stigma associated with mental illnesses.And to all our supporters, thanks a lot!
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"The unbeliever is not obliged to fit his morality and his facts into the four corners of any religion or tradition or inherited dogma.

He is always in a position to review and to revise his teaching and his experiences; to absorb new knowl
edge and to remould his ideas according to the new light he receives. He has no Church dogmas to hinder him from searching what he knows not by what he knows, and ‘closing up truth to truth.’

He also knows that, at the least, his new thoughts mean growth, and not stagnation; and he is always possessed with the inspiring hope that the glowing thought which he plucks to-day from the darkness of the unknown may tomorrow be the light showing the way to greater and more important truths.” - Hypatia Bradlaugh Bonner
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