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"The greatest gift revelatory religions have to offer is the promise of heaven. Were they to practice the brotherhood that they preach this would be offered to all, irrespective of belief. The fact that it isn’t underlines the essentially coercive nature of the appeal of religion: join our group or we deny you the possibility of eternal life!

The shame that this deal is offered to children too young to reason through its premises is another piece of evidence of the essential bad faith of the arguments for revelatory religion. ” - Lee Smolin

In the search for meaning we must not forget that the gods are a concept of the human mind; they are the creatures of man, not vice versa. They are needed and invented to give meaning and purpose to the struggle that is life on Earth, to explain strange and irregular phenomena of nature, haphazard events and, above all, irrational human conduct. They exist to bear the burden of all things that cannot be comprehended except by supernatural intervention or design. - Barbara W. Tuchman

"The unbeliever is not obliged to fit his morality and his facts into the four corners of any religion or tradition or inherited dogma.

He is always in a position to review and to revise his teaching and his experiences; to absorb new knowl
edge and to remould his ideas according to the new light he receives. He has no Church dogmas to hinder him from searching what he knows not by what he knows, and ‘closing up truth to truth.’

He also knows that, at the least, his new thoughts mean growth, and not stagnation; and he is always possessed with the inspiring hope that the glowing thought which he plucks to-day from the darkness of the unknown may tomorrow be the light showing the way to greater and more important truths.” - Hypatia Bradlaugh Bonner

It might make some people feel good to talk about ‘‘a higher level of existence’’ or a ‘‘guiding force,’’ but there is no evidence for anything of the sort. I couldn’t and still can’t even figure out what such quasi-religious humbug means.

These liberal reconstructions also struck me as too far from what most people
in churches believe. The kind of religious beliefs that control people’s lives and
lead them to take stands on political and moral issues cannot be the watery spirituality that is vague enough to avoid conflicting with anything.

There is no point in going to Church or praying to something so indeterminate. No ‘higher level of existence’ could save believers or help them get to heaven or perform miracles or create the world. - Walter Sinnott-Armstrong

How rare it is that religions—especially established religions—take the lead in confrontation with the civil authorities when a monstrous injustice is being done?

How often it is that the religious authorities take the safe way and tempor

ize or talk about the afterlife or talk about moving slowly or talk about this not being the proper function of religion?

And then, on the other side, how often is it that the established religions make authoritative pronouncements on matters of science, matters of fact, matters where they run the desperate risk of being disproved by the next discovery? - Carl Sagan

"I have no faith in the sense of comforting beliefs which persuade me that all my troubles are blessings in disguise. I do not believe that any facts exist, or, rather, are accessible to me, which give any assurance that my life has served an eternal purpose.
I feel no overwhelming anxiety to find some creed to assure me that all has been for the best, which will tell me that I have only to follow a particular path to be consoled by eternal happiness.” - Rebecca West

"Whoever takes their ethical education solely from religion will also defend any inhuman practices in that religion as right and good.

Reason, intelligence, conscience and heart are the qualities necessary to acquire moral understanding.

It’s important to follow the laws of your country up to a point. But when religion or the State attacks an individual’s own moral identity, then it is constructive to be disobedient.” - Taslima Nasreen
"God can only guarantee regularity if one accepts that God is a dependable fellow to start with. What reasons do we have, short of definitional non-starters, to assume that God will not act capriciously, that he will continue to sustain the
natural order?

This is especially true of God, who can interfere at will in his creation and violate the natural order. Is God trying to find out how far he can push the human intellect? Are we like those lab rats trying to find their way out of a maze, with God monitoring the cosmic experiment?” - Maarten Boudry

"Arouse the faculties which superstition may have benumbed - and to put the question to your reason.

Could a being of Wisdom demand of you to spend your time and torture your faculties in imagining things which ye never saw? Worlds beyond the reach of human ken, and existences of whose nature you can form no conception ?

Could a Being of Justice command you to prostrate the reason he should have given, and swear credence to doctrines, which they even who teach, pretend not to understand?

Could a Being of Beneficence visit in anger the errors of the children of his hand, and delight in the torment of those whose ignorance he could enlighten, and whose sorrows he could heal ?” - Frances Wright

Yet another woman freethinker who remains largely unknown.

Lilian Leland traveled 60K miles alone around the world at the age of 25 for nearly two years, and this excerpt is from her book “A Woman’s Journey Around the World” (1890)

"An all-powerful being who has stood calmly by and permitted the torture and massacre of his own chosen children and chosen prophets, not to mention the thousands of unfortunate women and children, is — well, he is not the kind of a God that I want to worship, and I don’t think either "merciful" or "just" are exactly the adjectives that should apply to him.

As for those people who cry out for the past and mourn the overthrow of superstition and the advance of science and reason, I hardly think they would on the whole care to be placed in a world such as this was three or four centuries back.” - Lilian Leland