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"The greatest gift revelatory religions have to offer is the promise of heaven. Were they to practice the brotherhood that they preach this would be offered to all, irrespective of belief. The fact that it isn’t underlines the essentially coercive nature of the appeal of religion: join our group or we deny you the possibility of eternal life!

The shame that this deal is offered to children too young to reason through its premises is another piece of evidence of the essential bad faith of the arguments for revelatory religion. ” - Lee Smolin

"It is childhood education that prevents a Mohammedan from having himself baptized. It is childhood education that prevents a Christian from being circumcised. It is the reason of the mature man that holds in equal contempt both baptism and circumcision." - Denis Diderot

"Secularism owes this duty to itself, that it educate its children in the
bottom facts of truth, and not leave them exposed to the deceitful allurements
of well-masked falsehood.
When I see the money that is spent in dotting our cities, towns, villages, and farm
lands with church spires, and church colleges, and church institutions of all kinds and then compare the spectacle with the few, the very, very few, Free-thought institutions, I am forced to believe that a little hell fire doctrine is a pretty good thing to burn holes through pockets.” - Voltairine de Cleyre

“In all stages of education the influence of superstition is disastrous. A certain percentage of children have the habit of thinking; one of the aims of education is to cure them of this habit. Inconvenient questions are met with ‘hush, hush’, or with punishment. Collective emotion is used to instill certain kinds of belief, more particularly nationalistic kinds. Capitalists, militarists, and ecclesiastics co-operate in education, because all depend for their power upon the prevalence of emotionalism and the rarity of critical judgment.”

- Bertrand Russell

Still relevant.

Yes. I’d recommend her works too.

Right on, Emma.