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"It’s frightening that skepticism has to be a movement, because you’re just arguing that reality is reality. What a waste of energy, in a way." - Graham Linehan

"The great thing about science is that it’s a permanent revolution. It’s never complete. The journey to understanding is endless.

And to me, that’s the only appropriate humility in the face of the little we know about the cosmos, is that our understanding will never be complete.

But these little successive approximations of reality that science affords us are so precious and so magnificent, and give us a glimpse of what is possible.” - Ann Druyan ♥

Paul Kurtz, one of the most influential figures in modern skepticism and secular humanism, has died. He was also the founder of CFI, CSI, and Prometheus Books.

Goodbye Paul! You will be missed but never forgotten.

“Each person must face death. Life has meaning only if we realize that it will end.  We must not be deluded by a belief in immortality but should face death realistically.

A free person worships the creative life a the ultimate good. But when death comes, he or she will accept it with equanimity, if with sorrow; and he or she will realize that in the face of death the only thing that really counts is what has been the quality of life, and what has been given to or left for others.” - Paul Kurtz

One amazing woman she is.

Maria Mitchell (1818-1889), astronomer and first woman elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Well summed up.


"This is what we do not know; one day all this could be yours.”
Wonderful. I really like Matt Ridley, so eloquent. :)

"This is what we do not know; one day all this could be yours.”

Wonderful. I really like Matt Ridley, so eloquent. :)